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Who we are ?

Digital Web Developers is a group of over 100+ e-commerce enthusiasts who have worked in various e-commerce seller support roles. We've helped over 1000 sellers begin and build their businesses, with a client satisfaction rate of 90%

Digital Web Developers is a boutique web design company and digital marketing agency. Founded in 2015, Digital Web Developers was born by the desire to create beautiful and immersive digital experiences for brands and businesses of all sizes. Small by design, Digital Web Developers can quickly scale up depending on the size and needs of your project. Digital Web Developers was built on the foundation of cutting edge technology and user-first design. We believe in a strong partnership with our clients, which helps us truly understand your business, audience & goals. We strive to provide the best possible solutions for each challenge, pushing the boundaries of technology and user experience. Digital Web Developers is a Leading Website Development, Website Designing, Logo Designing, Mobile Apps Development Company, SEO, SMO, Digital Marketing Company In INDIA and USA.

Account Management

Grow your e-commerce business with experts.


Why Hire an e-commerce specialist ?

Market Places are Dynamic

Things change quickly on e-commerce platforms, and keeping up with every facet of your account necessitates rapid and accurate actions as well as a thorough awareness of the marketplace backend.

Experiences Matters

To succeed in e-commerce, you must have extensive technical knowledge of SEO, advertising, and content marketing tactics. It is difficult for any merchant to study and focus on everything, and that is where we come in.

Experiences Matters

To succeed in e-commerce, you must have extensive technical knowledge of SEO, advertising, and content marketing tactics. It is difficult for any merchant to study and focus on everything, and that is where we come in.

Account management Service


  • Brand approval
  • Category approval
  • GTIN exemption


  • Product & pricing suggestions
  • Stock management
  • Market analysis
  • FBA process management


  • Content Improvement
  • Recurring optimization
  • Search term management
  • Frontend & Backend management
  • Price management


  • LDR issues, ODR, Cancelled rate
  • Policy violation complaint management
  • Deactivation or suspension issues
  • Performance management
  • Termination process


  • Visibility management
  • Product targeting, Brand targeting, Display targeting
  • Automatic & Manual combination
  • ACOS management
  • Budget control
  • Specific targeting
  • Keyword optimization


  • Brand registry
  • Store creation
  • A+ Content & cataloging
  • Enhanced brand content
  • Retail cataloging
  • Storefront graphics

Results ?


We believe that the high-quality products you provide will reach your intended audience. We are confident that if we receive the content as per the guidelines, sales will gradually increase.


We pay great attention to decreasing the cost of advertisements if the pricing you provide is competitive with the market.We focus on lowering the cost of selling by using e-commerce-centric pricing techniques, cutting ad spend, and limiting returns.


We price correctly, follow up often, accurately describe the product, double the positive review rate of all our sellers,and ultimately provide you with a better outcome than yesterday.


" Communication works for those who work at it " We collect monthly feedback from YOU on our services to identify problems and strengthen the things that are working for the account. We feel that client satisfaction is essential.


We aim to make your brand as prominent as possible, and our specialists will pay particular attention to constructing a promotional strategy that works best for your business, gradually establishing the brand and propelling it to new heights.


We are pleased and thrilled to inform you that our outstanding client communication services have led to a 90% customer retention rate.

Why choose us ?


Quick Support


Data Driven Approach


Experienced Managers


Guaranteed Satisfation

Our plans

Whichever package you prefer, you'll get quite a dedicated account manager, priority technical support, a content team, and convenient communication support.


Offering Monthly plans, with tons of perks.

7000+18% GST (Single account)


Quarterly plans are available with a variety of benefits.

15000+18% GST (Single account)


Monthly package cost is applicable till the monthly sales overheads 1 lakh Rupees, thereafter 7% of gross merchandise is charged. Quarterly package cost is applicable till the monthly sales overheads 3 lakh Rupees, thereafter 5% of gross merchandise is charged.

Store Creation

Store creation Process

  • Brand Registry
  • Store permission
  • Module design
  • Info Graphics
  • ASSIN selection
  • Review & Submission
  • Promotion through sponsored adv.


  • Brand Establishment
  • Sponsored Brand Advertisement
  • Increase Visibility
  • Increasment in sales
  • Additional earning
  • Website development on Amazon.

A+ (EBC) Content

A+ (EBC) Process

  • Module selection
  • Images with content
  • ASSIN separate content


  • Brand Story
  • Quality description
  • Content enrichment

Subscription Discounts

Combo Offers

-Any 2 Accounts (same portal or a separate portal)
Monthly: 12000+18% GST
Quarterly: 24000+18% GST
-Any 3 Accounts (same portal or a separate portal)
Monthly: 18000+18% GST
Quarterly: 30000+18% GST
-More than 3 Accounts
Monthly: 5500+18% GST (Per account)
Quarterly: 8000+18% GST (Per account)

How to get Started

Step 1: Documentation

Please provide us your GST certificate or number. We'll prepare an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) that would summarise all of our responsibilities and objectives, and also the terms and conditions. We'll go on to the next step once both parties have signed the MOU.

Step 2: Making the payment

Once you've chosen to work with us, we'll send you an invoice including the company's bank account information to your email address. Once you've made the payment, please provide us a reference number or screenshot on the email.

Step 3: Provide user permission

We work on your account following Amazon's user permission policy. You must grant us user access from your seller account, don't worry, we'll guide you how.

Step 4: Provide us 24 hours to review the account

Our team of experts will go over the whole of your previous data and develop plans and strategies for you.

Step 5: Let's dive right into it

After all of the aforementioned processes have been completed, the account is assigned to a specialized account manager, and work begins.

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